The Nikola Tesla Institute, founded in 2012 in Brasília, Brasil
is a non-profit scientific organization with a goal of popularization of new energy research.
The Institute houses a functioning, fully automated laboratory, built to carry on research in Tesla technologies, with the goal of development of new energy technologies, wireless energy transmission and research and development of human energy (bio-resonance) technologies.


The Tesla Science Foundation (Philadelphia, USA)

Center for Cosmology Studies "Nikola Tesla" (Belgrade, Serbia)

The Institute of new cosmology and the science of time (Serbia)

The Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Фонд Возрождения Технологий Николы Тесла (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

The Noosphere Forum


O Instituto Nikola Tesla em Brasília anuncia a parceria com a empresa LAELC Reativos Ltda (Jaguariúna, SP). LAELC REATIVOS LTDA é uma companhia nacional, dedicada à manufatura e comercialização de equipamentos elétricos de média e alta tensão, sendo sua linha de produtos mais reconhecida, aquela que se dedica ao desenvolvimento, manufatura e comercialização de capacitores, bancos de capacitores e filtros de harmônicos de alta tensão.

The Nikola Tesla Institute in Brasilia announces partnership with LAELC Reativos Ltda (Jaguariúna, SP). LAELC REATIVOS LTDA is a Brazilian company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of medium and high voltage electrical equipment, most prominently capacitors, capacitor banks and high voltage harmonic filters.
The Nikola Tesla Institute announces partnership with the New Earth Project. The New Earth Institute is set to become a global focus standard for higher learning & creative expression. It is facilitating expert international partner organisations and acclaimed individuals known for their dedication to ushering in the new earth vision.
The New Earth Institute will house faculties which foster key disciplines across the full-spectrum of academic, spiritual and creative expression and enquiry. institute facilities will host international symposia, workshops, training camps, seminars, congresses and retreats.

To turn our projects to reality, we need your contributions! Your donation can make a difference.
Donations are deposited on the account of the Nikola Tesla Institutute.
Para tornar realidade nossos projetos, precisamos de sua contribuição! Sua doação pode fazer a diferença. As doações em dinheiro poderão ser depositadas na conta do Instituto de Tecnologias Sustentáveis Nikola Tesla.

The Team

Patricia Libano

• Publicitária e pós graduada em MKT pela FGV – Rio de Janeiro
• Aromatologista certificada pelo IBRA – Instituto Brasileiro de Aromatologia
• Tecnica em Bioeletrografia EPI/GDV com Certificação Internacional Korotkov LAB´S Russia, Dr. Dmitri Orlov “GDV User Certificate” e “GDV User Certificate and Research”
• Sistematizadora de Programa Essentielles – O Método que Ilumina a Alma – Ferramentas vibracionais na promoção do reequilíbrio e manutenção da saúde integral;
• Pesquisas, Estudos e Aplicação da Tecnologia de Exercício e Expansão Cerebral - NAP
• Terapêuta Floral em Florais de Bach;
• Parceria, Estudos e Aplicação de óleos essenciais vibracionais produzidos pelo Instituto “THE ESSENCE of LIFE”, TAOS – Novo México
• Promove cursos e compartilhamento de tecnologias e conhecimentos sustentáveis para a Prevenção e Manutenção da Saúde Integral;
• Atualmente com o espaço ESSENTIELLES de Terapias Vibracionais em BRASÍLIA- DF .

Boris Petrovic is a Whole Earth System Scientist and Noospheric Philosopher. engineer of tele automation systems, and a researcher into Tesla’s “World system”, Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic reconnection. Boris is an associate of The Serbian “Nikola Tesla” Society in Belgrade, the Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia, and founding member of the Noosphere Forum.
Boris worked in a number of embedded tech and automation systems startups as a software engineer and architect. As a founding member of the Google Lunar X Prize Team Synergy Moon, he is involved in private space exploration, focusing on outer-space settlement.
Through cooperation with the International Scientific Research Institute for Cosmic Anthropo-Ecology in Novosibirsk and the Foundation of the Law of Time in Oregon he works on the study of cosmic consciousness, access to intensified consciousness and altered states, including non-linear time and telepathy.
Boris’ research of Tesla’s wireless energy transfer, in his Belgrade laboratory, uncovers the potential energy field of “instantaneous locality” that underlies our reality, and facilitates communication with Earth’s cosmic neighborhood.
Currently, he is involved in ecological and cultural projects in biosphere design and self-sustainable communities, promoting the integrated model of self-sustainable habitat in Portugal — the Tamera Solar Village and working in Brasilia through the Brazilian Ecovillage Movement focusing on new models of living systems and long-term survival of the human species and civilization.

Thomas Soares

Metallurgical engineer with a Masters in Materials Science from UFRGS. Activist in the context of Free Software. Interested in the subjects of "unconventional" Science as the works of Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Marko Rodin, John Searl, Victor Schauberger and others ... Amateur researcher in electronics. Enthusiastic about permaculture and organic nutrition. Married, two children, 48 years old, spiritualist without religion.

Software Livre Brasil
Movimento da energia livre quer eletricidade de graça
Geraldo Lino, geologist, director of the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement. Geraldo Lino has worked on a number of geological studies and civil engineering projects, including environmental impact assessments.

Ibero-American Solidarity Movement
Emilson Ribeiro Neto

Systems analyst at Brazilian Mail, graduated at Network Computer by Federal Center of Technology Education, professional master at computer crimes. Act too like expert in criminal computer forensic and university professor.
Representatives of the Nikola Tesla Institute on the territory of Brazil
Humberto Mori São Paulo
Andreia Campos Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul
Nelsilia Nornoha Manaus, Amazonia
Elciene Galindo Natal, Rio Grande do Norte
Luis Fernando Barbosa Lins Palmas, Tocantins
Ivan Bruno Guerra Alto Paraiso, Goias
Alexandre de Brito Pinheiro Goiania, Goias

Nikola Tesla

(10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system.

Tesla started working in the telephony and electrical fields before immigrating to the United States in 1884 to work for Thomas Edison. He soon struck out on his own with financial backers, setting up laboratories/companies to develop a range of electrical devices. His patented AC induction motor and transformer were licensed by George Westinghouse, who also hired Tesla as a consultant to help develop an alternating current system. Tesla is also known for his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments in New York and Colorado Springs which included patented devices and theoretical work used in the invention of radio communication, for his X-ray experiments, and for his ill-fated attempt at intercontinental wireless transmission in his unfinished Wardenclyffe Tower project.

Tesla's achievements and his abilities as a showman demonstrating his seemingly miraculous inventions made him world-famous. Although he made a great deal of money from his patents, he spent a lot on numerous experiments over the years. In the last few decades of his life, he ended up living in diminished circumstances as a recluse in Room 3327 of New Yorker Hotel, occasionally making unusual statements to the press. Because of his pronouncements and the nature of his work over the years, Tesla gained a reputation in popular culture as the archetypal "mad scientist". He died penniless and in debt on 7 January 1943.

In 1960, in honor of Tesla, the General Conference on Weights and Measures for the International System of Units dedicated the term "tesla" to the SI unit measure for magnetic field strength.

"My Inventions"
Autobiography by
Nikola Tesla
At the age of 63 Tesla tells the story of his creative life.

First published in 1919
in the Electrical Experimenter magazine.

Nikola Tesla Photos

Declaration of Energy Independance

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for the People of Earth to dissolve the relationships, habits, and thought patterns that have bound us to a unsustainable energy paradigm, our conscience compels us to state our grievances with these outmoded systems, and to unanimously declare our intentions for the future of free energy.

We hold these Truths to be self-evident: that in our modern age, all means of energy production are not equal, some being polluting, limited, non-renewable and controlled by corporate-driven profit motives, while others are clean, abundant, sustainable, and able to be made freely available for the betterment of all people; that human innovation and creativity and has excelled beyond our current methodologies of energy production; that the current energy paradigm is ecologically unsound, economically unfeasible, socially divisive and morally bankrupt; that dependency on our current energy production methods has led to the increasing environmental degradation of our living planet, and to a growing systemic mentality of scarcity, lack, fear, aggression and imperialism; that free energy technology has been developed and suppressed for over a century and we need not be dependent on non-renewable energy for a moment longer; that the time is Now for us to develop means of energy production and distribution that utilizes the inherent abundance of Nature itself; that, as stated by the great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, science is but a perversion of itself unless it has, as its ultimate goal, the betterment of humanity; that whenever any energy model has been perpetuated toward a system of control, limitation, and the stagnation of humanity's collective evolutionary progress, it is the right and duty of the peoples of all nations to abandon the outmoded technologies upon which such systems are built, and transition toward those which are clean, renewable, sustainable, and free.

We, therefore, the Free People of Earth, in Good Conscience, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Order Of Nature for the manifestation of our intentions, do solemnly declare, that, in our lifetimes, through our continued dedication, ingenuity and inspiration, we will bring to fruition a New and Free energy paradigm, one in which empowering advancements in technologies are made widely and freely available to all peoples, in the service of human potential.  And for the support of this Declaration of Energy Independence, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.

Tesla Technology

Rotary Magnetic Field

In February 1882, Tesla discovered rotating magnetic field, a fundamental principle in physics and the basis of nearly all devices that use alternating current.

A rotating magnetic field is a magnetic field which rotates in polarity at non-relativistic speeds. This is a key principle to the operation of alternating-current motor. A permanent magnet in such a field will rotate so as to maintain its alignment with the external field. This effect is utilised in alternating current electric motors. Synchronous motors and induction motors use a stator's rotating magnetic fields to turn rotors.

Alternating Current

Direct current flows continuously in one direction; alternating current changes direction 50 or 60 times per second, and can be stepped up to very high voltage levels, minimizing power loss across great distances. The future belongs to the alternating current. Nikola Tesla developed polyphase alternating current system of generators, motors and transformers and held 40 basic U.S. patents on the system, which George Westinghouse bought, determined to supply America with Tesla system.

Tesla’s Alternating Current Induction Motor is widely used throughout the world in industry and household appliances. This motor started the industrial revolution at he turn of the century. Electricity today is generated, transmitted and converted to mechanical power by means of his inventions. Tesla’s greatest achievement is his polyphase alternating current system, which is today lighting the entire globe.

Wardenclyffe Tower

also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early wireless transmission tower designed by Nikola Tesla and intended for commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephony, broadcasting, and proof-of-concept demonstrations of wireless power transmission. It was never fully operational, and the tower was demolished in 1917. The tower was named after James S. Warden, a western lawyer and banker who had purchased land for the endeavor in Shoreham, Long Island, about sixty miles from Manhattan. Here he built a resort community known as Wardenclyffe-On-Sound. Warden believed that with the implementation of Tesla's "World System" a "Radio City" would arise in the area. He offered Tesla 200 acres (81 ha) of land close to a railway line on which to build his wireless telecommunications tower and laboratory facility.

Tesla’s world system activates the earth’s renewable electrical storage battery which normally sits dormant except during lightning strikes. Regarding simply the electrostatic energy storage capacity of the ionosphere, Dr. Oleg Jefimenko, author of Electrostatic Motors, explains that during one electric storm, the atmospheric electric field dissipates at least 0.2 terawatts (billion kilowatts), indicating that the entire earth must have even more total available energy.

1904 image of Wardenclyffe Tower located in Shoreham, Long Island, New York. The 94 by 94 ft (29 m) brick building was designed by architect Stanford White.

Tesla’s Wireless Energy

"The earth is 4,000 miles radius.  Around this conducting earth is an atmosphere.  The earth is a conductor; the atmosphere above is a conductor, only there is a little stratum between the conducting atmosphere and the conducting earth which is insulating. . . . Now, you realize right away that if you set up differences of potential at one point, say, you will create in the media corresponding fluctuations of potential.  But, since the distance from the earth's surface to the conducting atmosphere is minute, as compared with the distance of the receiver at 4,000 miles, say, you can readily see that the energy cannot travel along this curve and get there, but will be immediately transformed into conduction currents, and these currents will travel like currents over a wire with a return.  The energy will be recovered in the circuit, not by a beam that passes along this curve and is reflected and absorbed, . . . but it will travel by conduction and will be recovered in this way."
(Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony, and Transmission of Power)

US Patent 645,576 was issued March 20, 1900 and provides the basis for Tesla’s system for the wireless transmission of electrical power .
The Tesla Radiant Energy System

Nikola Tesla: "I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. Cosmic ray investigation is a subject that is very close to me. I was the first to discover these rays and I naturally feel toward them as I would toward my own flesh and blood. I have advanced a theory of the cosmic rays and at every step of my investigations I have found it completely justified. The attractive features of the cosmic rays is their constancy. They shower down on us throughout the whole 24 hours, and if a plant is developed to use their power it will not require devices for storing energy as would be necessary with devices using wind, tide or sunlight.
("Device to Harness Cosmic Energy Claimed by Tesla" : New York American November 1st, 1933

The Tesla Automaton

In September of 1898, Tesla demonstrated a remote controlled boat in Madison Square Garden during the First Annual Electrical Exhibition It was controlled by means of a single tuned circuit that caused it to change direction. It could be made to steer in different directions and stop and start with signals transmitted from a small oscillator near the edge of the huge tank the boat sailed in. Tesla called this machine an Automaton, and he believed that it would one day be used to fight wars. Tesla suggested that boats and flying machines could be filled with explosives and then directed to their targets for detonation. It was patented in November of 1898 (No. 613,809)

Dynamic Theory of Gravity

Tesla published a prepared statement on his 81st birthday (July 10, 1937) critiquing Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. The following is a portion of that statement:

"... Supposing that the bodies act upon the surrounding space causing curving of the same, it appears to my simple mind that the curved spaces must react on the bodies, and producing the opposite effects, straightening out the curves. Since action and reaction are coexistent, it follows that the supposed curvature of space is entirely impossible - But even if it existed it would not explain the motions of the bodies as observed. Only the existence of a field of force can account for the motions of the bodies as observed, and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena."

The Tesla Turbine

is a bladeless centripetal flow turbine patented by Nikola Tesla in 1913. It is referred to as a bladeless turbine because it uses the boundary layer effect and not a fluid impinging upon the blades as in a conventional turbine. The Tesla turbine is also known as the boundary layer turbine, cohesion-type turbine, and Prandtl layer turbine (after Ludwig Prandtl). Bioengineering researchers have referred to it as a multiple disk centrifugal pump. One of Tesla’s desires for implementation of this turbine was for geothermal power, which was described in "Our Future Motive Power".

Tesla Ozone

In 1896, Tesla was issued a patent for a corona discharge ozone generator using charged metal plates to act on ambient air. He formed the Tesla Ozone Company and went into production of these units. His customers were naturopaths and allopaths who welcomed this powerful therapy into their practices. Breathing of ozone bubbled through olive oil and other oils was widely practiced at this time, and the Sears catalog of 1904 offered a unit for this purpose using eucalyptus, pine and spearmint oils. Tesla produced a gel made by bubbling ozone through olive oil until it solidified, and sold it to doctors.



Telegeodynamics is an electromechanical earth-resonance concept for underground seismic exploration proposed by Nikola Tesla.

Tesla designed this system for use in prospecting and discerning the location of underground mineral structures through the transmission of mechanical energy through the subsurface.  Data from reflected and refracted signals can be analyzed to deduce the location and characteristics of underground formations.  Additional non-mechanical responses to the initial acoustic impulses may also be detectable using instruments that measure various electrical and magnetic parameters. Such predicted responses would, at least, take the form of induced electric and magnetic fields, telluric currents, and changes in earth conductivity.


On March 21, 1900, Nikola Tesla was granted a US patent for the means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations by lowering the temperature, which was caused by lowered resistance.

Alternating currents can be sent over long distances with relatively low losses. This is why Tesla's early 60-cycle system triumphed over Edison's direct current. The high frequency, high-potential output of a Tesla coil can travel over relatively light conductors for vastly greater distances than conventional 60-cycle AC Losses occur to some degree from corona discharge but hardly at all from ohmic resistance. This type of current also renders conductive materials that are normally nonconductive, rarefied gases, for example. You might say these currents make a medium superconductive.

Tesla Consciousness

Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance. There is no constellation or nebula, no sun or planet, in all the depths of limitless space, no passing wanderer of the starry heavens, that does not exercise some control over its destiny—not in the vague and delusive sense of astrology, but in the rigid and positive meaning of physical science.

The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external influences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not from within, but from without. He is like a float tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea.

"HOW COSMIC FORCES SHAPE OUR DESTINIES", by Nikola Tesla - New York American, 1915
Selected Tesla Patents

335,786 - Electric Arc Lamp blank
381,968 - Electro Magnetic Motor
390,413 - System of Electrical Distribution
390,414 - Dynamo Electric Machine
405,859 - Method of Electrical Power Transmission
417,794 - Armature For Electric Machines
454,622 - System of Electric Lighting
487,796 - System of Electrical Transmission of Power
555,190 - Alternating Motor
568,177 - Apparatus for Producing Ozone
568,178 - Method of Regulating Apparatus for Producing Currents of High Frequency
593,138 - Electrical Transformer
613,809 - Method of and Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vessels or Vehicles
649,621 - Apparatus for Transmission of Electrical Energy
685,957 - Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy
685,958 - Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy
723,188 - Method of Signaling
1,061,142 - Fluid Propulsion
1,061,206 - Turbine
1,119,732 - Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy
1,274,816 - Speed Indicator
1,329,559 - Valvular Conduit

Nikola Tesla's Patents (PDF format)


The Institute and Laboratory

The proposed ecological construction is designed to house permanently the laboratory of the Nikola Tesla Institute, together with a small classroom, a workshop and office space in the central area. The central area is to function in symbiosis by the three smaller constructions to house the collective: two dormitories with space to house up to 12 people and a community kitchen. In front of the laboratory a 50kW Tesla Magnifying Transmitter will be permanently used as part of the EARTH RESONANCE PROJECT – the main scientific objective of the Nikola Tesla Institute – providing scientific proof of feasibility of the Nikola Tesla’s global wireless energy transmission system. This is the first step in building the global resonance technologies center to flower around the initial construction that can be built on a 5ha piece of land. In future phases the BIO-DOME and BIO-RESONANCE holistic treatment constructions can be constructed embedded in the nature landscape in the region of Chapada dos Veadeiros. Upon socio-economic integration the community houses can be joined in terrains bought around the core of area of the Nikola Tesla Institute. We are still in the process of determining the best locality for this seed of the New Earth Institute workings in Brazil.
The Nikola Tesla Institute and the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting various online courses for the public to become aware and informed about the life, history, philosophy, and inventions of Nikola Tesla as well as related alternative technologies that relate to the vision of Nikola Tesla and resonant power transmission.

Nikola Tesla and the Brazilian Magnetic Anomaly - World-Wide Limitless Free Energy

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The advance of humanity is manifesting through technological progress. The new era of collective information is based on the vision of the great scientist Nikola Tesla through wireless transmission to the most distant places of the planet. With more than 300 patents, Nikola Tesla is the father of the modern world, and today still, when you turn on the switch to light your home, you are using at least 4 of his patents, the alternating current, the rotary magnetic field, the alternating current generators and high voltage transformers and transmission lines.
Yet, the ultimate vision and objective of the work of Nikola Tesla – Energy Independence, which he did not achieve in his lifetime, has still to materialize. In these moments of climate change and civilization’s insatiable thirst for non-renewable, carbon based energy sources, all world nations should increase their consciousness for the question of energy security for future generations – A WORLD WITHOUT PETROLEUM. Our course is focusing on the recent scientific discoveries and concepts regarding the non-realized work of Nikola Tesla in regard of systems of FREE ENERGY distribution.

In the 21st century, the technological possibility of the GLOBAL SYSTEM OF ENERGY DISTRIBUTION, envisioned by Nikola Tesla is a reality! The fundamental research work within the Nikola Tesla Institute in Brazil is to provide experimental evidence of the possibility of wireless energy transfer using the EARTH RESONANCE METHOD. The traditional scientific thought accepts the existence of vacuum fluctuations and the resulting force, and one of our goals is to demonstrate the ideas of Nikola Tesla in regard to the all-pervading universal medium habilitating wireless energy transfer at distance without losses. The observations of Nikola Tesla during his experiments with high-frequency currents, and the effects such as ball-lightning could reveal a source of energy of infinite potential and our laboratory work in the Institute in Brasilia is providing an global open-source research and development platform to continuation of this work of great importance for the survival of humankind.
Tesla Energy Global Cooperative

O Instituto de Tecnologias Sustentáveis Nikola Tesla, com seus membros associados está iniciando um MOVIMENTO POPULAR PARA A IMPLANTAÇÃO DE UM MODELO NACIONAL DE ENERGIAS RENOVÁVEIS. Por favor, faça parte de rede de apoio institucional de cidadãos, empresas e governo na criação do novo paradigma de independência energética: A riqueza Sustentável ao Alcance da Sociedade!



Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Projects
Fortalecimento de comunidades rurais com objetivo de decentralizaçao de sistemas de geraçao e distribuiçao de energia - Brasília DF ENERGIA SOLAR TÉRMICA - Aplicação nas Comunidades Rurais

”ALDEIA SOLAR” é um conceito inovador, desenvolvido para utilizaçao de tecnologias sustentaveis nas comunidades rurais e indígenas com atençao na proteçao de meio ambiente. Trata se aplicaçao de tecnologias de energia solar térmica e fotovoltaica nas areas onde tem necessidade de gasto de energia com visão de substituiçao de fontes de energia non-renovavel como gas e petroleo, e também nas localidades sem acesso a rede elétrica estadual.

Wireless Energy Development
Tesla 3000 - Energy Transmission Antenna
Nikola Tesla Institute - Earth Resonance Project