"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven
by power obtainable at any point in the universe.
It is a mere question of time when men
will succeed in attaching their machinery
to the very wheelwork of nature.

Nikola Tesla, Inventor

The New Earth Tesla Academy brings together researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs who look to promote the vision of Nikola Tesla.
The New Earth Tesla Academy will be offering online/ virtual tutorials and seminars, workshops and videos regarding the work, history and the vision of future of civilization
of NIKOLA TESLA and other important visionaries.
The New Earth Tesla Academy is seeking support for world-wide implementation of projects involving new energy sources, wireless energy distribution and human energy technologies.

The Nikola Tesla Institute and the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting various online webinar presentations for the online public to become aware and informed about the life, history, philosophy, and inventions of Nikola Tesla as well as related alternative technologies that relate to the vision of Tesla. In the past, the Tesla Science Foundation has presented various lectures before the public with topics such as:
Wireless Technologies
Thinking Beyond Oil - Energy Options for a Small Planet (Alternatives to oil)
Tesla's Tele-automatics and Robotic Visions of the future (Surgical robotic technologies, etc)
Discovery of the Tesla Coil and Transformer

The term webinar is short for Web-based Seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web to an audience through specific web-based software. Through a webinar, one can give a presentation with a full range of internet technologies at one's disposal that enables   delivery of multiple types of media between an audience and presenter with the aid of a technician. Voice over Internet and text-chat is provided to allow for multiple ways to communicate between audience participants. A whiteboard with power point presentation software allows one to give slide presentations, and guided website tours will be possible to show various online content to audience members. Live video will also be presented when needed to show various things. These presentations will usually range from one to two hours with intermission for longer presentations, and might have up to 100 people or more participating.


The Chapada dos Veadeiros (deer plateau) National Park lies in the middle of the Cerrado savanna region at its highest point, the Central Brazilian Highland plateau, a mountainous area of great beauty, with the backbone of the Serra do Santana which rises from 1,200m to 1,691m in Pouso Alto. It runs northeast– southwest either side of the valley of the Rio Preto, a headwater stream of the Rio Tocantins a major river of the Amazon Basin. The Park has three geomorphological units. The Rio Claro catchment along the northwest edge is a relatively flat to undulating lowland at 400m. A 40 km-long northeast to southwest escarpment divides it from a central ridge region which extends from the north of the Park, including the upper Rio Preto, to the south. The uplands in the centre of the Park are level with some isolated tabular hills. The southeast side of the Park is the western third of the high Central Brazilian Highland plateau. It is dissected by deep rocky canyons with walls up to 40m high and 300m long. The many streams which fall northwest to the Rio Claro basin and the Tocantinzinho headwaters in the southeast are important to the recharging of the area’s aquifers. There are many waterfalls along the Rio Preto notably the 120m-high Rio Preto Falls and the Cariocas Falls.

The Park’s PreCambrian crystalline basement rock is 1,800,000 years old, amongst the oldest on the planet. It consists largely of quartz and schist, with outcrops of rock crystal which is also scattered throughout the soil. The ridges which rise between 1,200 and 1,500m are of Araí Group quartzite in the north, of basal Paranoá quartzite in the south. According to NASA this is one of the most luminous points seen by orbiting cameras, owing to the quantity of quartz crystals, metals and minerals in the soil. Chapada dos Veadeiros a sanctuary of mystic appearances, of natural therapy, and spiritual insights attributes its mystic energy to large concentration of rock crystal.


ALTITUDE 1200m - CHAPADA DOS VEADEIROS, BRAZIL (250km north of Brasilia)

State of Goias, Brazil

Alto Paraiso of Goias

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
Nikola Tesla
The Nikola Tesla Institute has been established in December, 2012 in the capital of Brazil -- Brasília. The Institute houses a functioning, fully automated laboratory, built to carry on research in Tesla technologies, with the goal of development of new energy technologies, wireless energy transmission and research and development of human energy (bio-resonance) technologies.
Nikola Tesla Institute Objectives:
• Research and development of NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES
 Development of NEW ENERGY SOURCES
Development of TESLA GLOBAL ENERGY transmitting stations
Application of DISTRIBUTED WIRELESS ENERGY in human habitats
• Research and development of HUMAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES
 Research and development of HUMAN BIO-FIELD measuring/recording and alteration systems
 Development and application of WATER ENERGIZING AND PURIFICATION systems

Nikola Tesla Institute Laboratory Research Focus :
• Earth resonance and Tesla’s World System
• Multiple resonant LC circuits and the effects of longitudinal waves interference
• Inertial electrostatic plasma confinement, electromagnetic vortices and electromagnetic wells
• Dielectric barrier discharge, production of ozone and treatment of water

The New Earth Tesla Academy Library
The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla. Having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums - to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and Tesla Memorial Conference - our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in the United States today. Through our dedicated efforts and generous support from our contributors, the Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers, academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide continues to grow. Visionary and scientist Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.
The GDV was developed by Prof. Konstantin Korotkov at St Petersburg Technical University in 1996. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is internationally renowned for his research on the human biofield, author, leading scientist and Professor of Physics at St.Petersburg University. The Gas Discharge Visualization Kirlian bio-electrography or GDV Kirlian uses cutting-edge camera technology to let the invisible electromagnetic energy field or "aura" that surrounds everything from humans to inanimate objects be seen. The GDV technique is based on so-called Kirlian effect, named after Semion Kirlian and his wife, who first recorded and studied stimulated electro-photonic images around various objects. GDV studies involve placing the object on a glass electrode into the electric circuit of the device that forms impulses of high-intensity electromagnetic field
  The New Earth Tesla Acedemy - Project Overview

The New Earth Project offers a comprehensive blueprint which ad-dresses the worlds failing models of education, health and socio-economics. It is a 100% deliverable model which invites conscious, ethical, self-determining men, women and children to co-operate and interact to establish environments that foster human & plane-tary well-being and sustainable prosperity; providing a new foun-dation for conscious living, within a framework that re-examines the principles that govern our existence and perceptions.

The New Earth Blueprint is a consciousness oriented template covering each of the fundamental elements essential to empower a conscious humanity to reclaim its sovereign birthright. It provides protected environments for the development of conscious communities, removes all conditions which create scarcity, remediates de-pleted eco-systems, introduces advanced food production methods, unifies humanity in an evolutionary planetary network, redresses the way we educate ourselves and our children, provides cures for every condition known to man, provides architecture which enhances the human form, gifts evolutionary technology to the people of the world, and offers a viable path for people to em-brace an authentic expression of life and being.

The practical application of the blueprint involves the coordination of multiple worldwide venues comprising:

New Earth Communities: Pioneering social experiments serving as nationwide exemplars for the ideal sustainable, conscious community.
New Earth Institutes: International centres of excellence and innovation in consciousness, advanced sciences, healing and wellness.
New Earth Retreats: Places where students, visitors and vi-sionary patrons alike can experience the world's most advanced educational, technological, rejuvenating and healing facilities in flourishing natural biospheres.
New Earth Festivals: A unified global focus event presenting a sustainable vision for a New Earth through the joyful celebration and exposition of art, music, theatre, dance, food, new sciences, healing and wisdom.

This supranational network of people and resources is linked by the HumaniSphere - an evolutionary immersive web-portal providing all key services to support people in transitioning to, and flourishing in, the New Earth.

New Earth Communities include cutting-edge technologies spanning the fundamental aspects of sustainable community development...

Plasma and hydroxy power generators – rotary and propane plat-forms converted to run on distilled water and plasma.
Quantum Field Generators - non-mechanical devices which harness energy directly from the quantum field.
Power Amplifiers - non-mechanical transformer based devices which deliver a ten-fold over unity power output which, when coupled with a power storage device, allows the device to become a self-powering zero-point power generator.
Municipal waste & waste-water treatment system - a clean trash-to-energy-to-food system. MSW, or trash, is converted into a multi-tude of valuable commodities. includes separation for recyclables, bio-digestion, bio-composting, vermiculture, algae-culture, closed looped reduction of inorganics, clean generation of electric power, and capturing and cleaning gases and fuels. The products include three highly-productive, organic, fertile top- soil amendments, clean electricity, a superior fish food and livestock feed supple-ment, blue green algae (Spirulina and ChlorelIa), and distilled water.
Purification – new earth technologies incorporate a range of purifi-cation technologies that range from state-of-the-art water desalination, sterilization, bacteria and virus elimination systems to naturally occurring effective microorganisms and vermicultures.
Re-structuring - new earth architecture incorporates water collection facilities which employ geometry, vortices and charged crystals to restructure water.
Vortex treatment - the imploder is a specially designed vortex nozzle, which energizes any water back to its natural state. Multiple experiments have shown vortex treated water to bring health and longevity to plant life, animals and humans alike.

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