The Nikola Tesla Institute, founded in 2012 in Brasília, Brasil is a scientific organization with a goal of popularization of new energy research. The private research laboratory is located near the lake Paranoa in the capital of Brazil.



The word "Noosphere" was coined in analogy with the "geosphere", the world or layer of dead matter, and the "biosphere", the world or layer of living matter. Beyond and superimposed on these spheres lies another dimensional sphere, the "noosphere", from Greek "noos, nous" = "mind", and "sphaira" = "globe", a figurative envelope of conceptual thought, or reflective impulses produced by the human intellect. It is not scientifically measurable, of course, but its presence is strongly felt and its influence is all-pervading.

The concept was first formulated by Vladimir Verdansky and elaborated by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

"Pushed one against the other by the growth of their number and by the proliferation of their connections,approached one to the other by the reawakening of a common force and by the feeling of a common anxiety,the future human kind will form nothing but an unified consciousness". (Teillhard De Chardin)


Electronic Scientific Journal

Dedicated to the memory and the great legacy
of the genius of planetary scale - Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky.

Noosphere. Society. Man.


Russian Cosmism and the Noosphere

Cosmic Consciousness of Humanity as Main Direction and Results of Bionoospheric Transition

Equilibrium between AUTO-andH ETERTROPHIC biospheric resources was reserved during beyond technological development,considering as the first stage of cosmoplanetary evolution of life on the Earth.

International Symposium on Consciousness SALVADOR, BAHIA - BRAZIL, Sept. 2012

“Living matter gives the biosphere an extraordinary character, unique in the universe... Cosmic energy determines the pressure of life that can be regarded as the transmission of solar energy to the Earth's surface... Activated by radiation, the matter of the biosphere collects and redistributes solar energy, and converts it ultimately into free energy capable of doing work on Earth...”

Through technology and sheer numbers, people have become a geological force,
shaping the planet's future just as rivers and earthquakes shaped its past.
Eventually, global society, guided by science, may soften the human environmental
impact, and earth will become a “NOOSPHERE," a planet of the mind.

Vladimir Vernadsky, The Biosphere

Scientific Evidence for the Existence of a True Noosphere:Foundation for a Noo-Constitution

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) uses experimental research to identify and study a still-very-young consciousness for the earth. This global consciousness is formed by interconnectionsand interactions of human beings all over the world, just as the mind is formed by the interactionof neurons in the brain. In the brain, cooperation is the rule, but in the world it is the exception.Global consciousness coalesces only when great events bring us together, make us focus andtemporarily share understanding and emotion. The Noo-Constitution is a framework withinwhich we can come together. Scientific evidence provided by GCP is part of the educational andpolitical picture: humanity must recognize its unity and focus its creativity on a common future.

The GCP has accumulated strong scientific evidence for an interaction among human beings thathas small but important effects in the physical world. The behavior of a network of deviceswhich use quantum tunneling to generate random numbers changes during great events of importance to humans. Synchronized data collected at independent network nodes separated bythousands of kilometers become correlated. We find anomalous structure in what should becompletely random data in statistical measures and in spatial and temporal parameters. Thiscorrelation shows that when the attention and emotions of large numbers of people are madecoherent by great tragedies or great celebrations, a slight but detectable structure is imposed onour random data. The bottom line formal statistic shows a 6 sigma departure from expectationover the full database. This is evidence that human consciousness and emotion are part of thephysical world, and it shows that we interact to produce a mass consciousness even though weare generally unaware that this is possible.
Convergence of sciences and technologiesto create a new noosphere

The degree of human influence on the biosphere evolution is of uppermost importance.This influence was insignificant throughout the course of the human history, but it grew sufficiently with the emergence and development of industrial society and was adetermining factor during the last 50–100 years. Vernadsky introduced thenotion of noosphere as a sphere where rational human activity becomes the crucial developmental factor. In his work titled “Thoughts of a Naturalist. Scientific Idea as a Planet-Wide Phenomenon” he noted that “the biosphere has shifted or, morespecifically, is shifting to a new evolution state – the noosphere – it is being changed bythe scientific thought of social man.”
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